Landing the 12th Leap

This 12th leap feels potent, it’s the sum of some pretty heavy leaps, and begs the question of what I will do with it, but it’s not really a question, it’s more of a demand. A demand for shifts that I have experienced coming. In the maters of our Mind, a ripening of seeds planted, and to realize that we are all gardeners of what we plant (in our mind).

We each are given a patch of ground to work, to tend to. So, tend it well, learn the weeds, spend the time to cultivate the conditions that support the flowers and fruits that we want in our lives. Every season will be different, constantly changing conditions that require our attention and courage to respond to with our highest capacity of any given moment. Learning to make peace with the weeds, to understand their limited benefits to loosen the soil, create shade for shallow seeds and their vitality to help us discern what to cultivate. Be gentle in your garden, on yourself. If we do nothing, we have a weed patch, and the seeds will spread everywhere without bearing fruit of our hoped-for harvest.

....Roll up your sleeves, learn to love the dirt and appreciate the blisters that will build callouses. Let’s Plant the flowers and fruits that we intend on harvesting. The seeds will spread, there will be some tough seasons, there are a lot of weeds to tend to. But have heart, courage and persistence. They will diminish with persistent effort and tending.

We are born with this plot of land to tend to, we journey through our days from this place and we’ll will pass from this life in the presence of this garden. The garden of our minds experience.

So tend to your plot well, plant the seeds of what you want in your life and the world around you, as they will spread. Spend time getting to know the weeds, and their patterns, so you may catch them before the bloom. Realize the flowers are the final ripening and beginning of countless seeds. It’s the tending, it’s the realization that what I grow will spread to your garden that will bring us the sense of satisfaction that we search for.

And learn the wild places that surround your garden. Those wild places that children are drawn to, running off into the forest to greet the great mystery. The domain of Sylvanus, the lord of the woodlands and wild places. It’s in tending to this life and conditions that have developed this mind stream that we garden, which offers the reflection when we lift our heads from the tending and release the child to run off into the sylvan, that we find our proper place – Curious, connected, humbled…. and in love…..

Dedicated to all my great teachers

Dusty Sylvanson 02.29.20

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