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Hello and welcome....

We are the Sylvanson family, Jessica, Dusty, and Kai.  We have found many benefits in our lives from learning mindfulness practices and want to share them with others.  These practices include learning to train focus and attention in general through meditation, as well as learning to relax and calm a busy and over-stimulated mind and body.  They also include "attitude training".  What we focus on grows and we can create more conscious choice about our actions and attitudes.  We can learn to generate more positive attitudes that nurture and sustain healthy relationships and lifestyles.  It is possible to rediscover what values are most important to us and place them at the forefront of our lives with attention and intention.  The Mindful Life Program (our parent organization) does all this through the Four Keys of Mindfulness:  attention, values, wisdom, and an open heart.  Our courses will focus on development of these Four Keys with mindfulness practices.  These courses are designed to be practical, accessible, and universal.  Anyone from any background will take away skills they can utilise right away to improve their lives.  They are also made to be safe and welcoming learning environments.  This is not about just sitting on a cushion - we will bring in practical skills you can activate in your life right now to make the best use of the precious time we have with our loved ones and communities. 


To learn more visit the courses page or look into our parent organization Mindful Life Program.

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